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EM Agent Mass Deployment May 10, 2010

Posted by tamnau in RAC.
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Recently I was asked, to post a topic on how to perform mass agent deployment using EM. So Chris, I am posting this one especially for you.

In the EM environment, agents play a very important role which allows communication between the target host and OMS (Oracle Management Server). The agent performs discovery of targets, monitoring, administering and uploading of information to the OMS. In some environments there can be up to hundreds if not thousands of agents required to be deployed to target hosts, hence there is a need to have options which allows such task to minimise manual intervention wherever possible.

First of all lets look at the different methods that are available for EM agent deployment:

a) Push Method – Interactive Installation via the EM Console (requires SSH user equivalence between OMS and target host)

b) Pull Method using wget – Silent installation with predefined downloadable script from OMS

c) NFS Agent –single Agent install on NFS file system shared between multiple hosts

d) OUI installer – Interactive installation method which requires X-session to be running

e) Agent Clone – Installing an agent using a copy of an existing agent home

Others may beg to differ, but from my experience if you have several hosts to deploy agents to, the Pull Method using wget can be quite effective. The other benefit is that you do not need to have X-session or SSH user equivalence setup.

In the below example, I will step through on how to stage the software on the OMS host, this needs to be done once and then the software can be re-used by other agent deployments. The second section will show how an EM agent can be deployed with few easy steps.

Stage Software on OMS host(s)

1. Download the agent software for mass deployment from the Oracle website:


2. Extract agent download software to each OMS host staging directory:


EXAMPLE: /app/oracle/product/oms10g/sysman/agent_download/

NOTE: If you have multiple OMS hosts, perform this on all hosts.

3. Update the values for OMS Host and Port in the response file for each OMS host:



The response file can be found in the filesystem of the OMS host at:


Pull Method using WGET

For today’s demo, I will show you the quickest deployment for agents with a few simple steps using the Pull Method.

1. Login to the target host that you wish to deploy the agent as oracle user:

2. If you have existing Oracle software deployed set the path to use the JDK under that directory:

[oracle@lnx01] export JDKHome=<JDK_BIN_PATH>

EXAMPLE: export JDKHome=/ora/app/oracle/product/11.1/rdbms/jdk/bin

3. Set the JDKHome in the current session’s PATH :

[oracle@lnx01] export PATH=$JDKHome:$PATH

4. Install wget utility if not already deployed to your target host.

NOTE: For Solaris SPARC go to http://sunfreeware.com or Linux go to http://rpm.pbone.net

[oracle@lnx01] wget http://<oms_host>:<oms_port>/agent_download/<version>/<os>/agentDownload.<os>

EXAMPLE: wget http://emsos:4889/agent_download/

5. Set the execute permission for the agent download script

[oracle@lnx01] chmod +x agentDownload.<os>

EXAMPLE: chmod +x agentDownload.linux

6. Installation of agent can now proceed.

a) For agent deployments to a single node (standard), run:

[oracle@lnx01] ./agentDownload.<os_platform> -b <install_base_directory>

EXAMPLE:./agentDownload.linux -b /ora/app/oracle/product

b) For agent deployments to RAC nodes, run:
NOTE: Run this from one node only.

[oracle@lnx01] ./agentDownload.<os_platform> -b <install_base_directory> -n <cluster_name> -c <node1>,<node2>

EXAMPLE: ./agentDownload.linux -b /app/oracle/product -n racsos -c lnx01,lnx02

7. When prompted for Agent Registration password, specify one if required otherwise leave blank.

8. Upon completion, run the root.sh script as the super equivalent user.

9. Perform post verification that agent is running:

[oracle@lnx01] export ORACLE_HOME=<AGENT_ORACLE_HOME>

EXAMPLE: export ORACLE_HOME=/ora/app/oracle/product/agent10g

[oracle@lnx01] export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH
[oracle@lnx01] emctl status agent

10. Validate that your agent has detected the targets on your host(s):

[oracle@lnx01] emctl config agent listtargets

11. Login to EM and configure your targets so it can be monitored via:


EXAMPLE: http://emsos:7777/em


Enterprise Manager 10g – Useful Articles May 4, 2010

Posted by sosdba in Uncategorized.
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Back in the days of working in Oracle Global Support, I had written some articles which assisted in resolving common issues or enquiries relating to EM. Below are just a some of the many articles which I had written, which I thought I would share.

For further information on these articles please log in to My Oracle Support web portal:

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Welcome to SOS DBA May 3, 2010

Posted by sosdba in General.
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I have been a DBA for over 9 years working at Telcos, Banking Institutions, Hosting companies and Oracle.

I never really thought about blogging about databases.  But I am thinking what the heck?! All these years of googling and stumbling across blogs (posts) that were able to assist me in keeping my databases intact, I thought its my time to contribute back to the community and share my experiences with others.  This blog will never be an “askTom.com” phenomenon but I hope it will be of use to someone out there wherever you are.  Remember that I am still that someone too!!

Tam Nguyen (aka SOSDBA)